Our Cheeses
Fresh Cheddar
Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds originated right here in the United States in the great state of Wisconsin. Our cheese curds are a fresh cheddar cheese with various flavors! Currently, we produce original, garlic, sour cream & onion, horseradish and Buffalo. Comment on our blog if you can think of another flavor you'd like us to try! 

Buffalo Roads Swiss

Swiss cheese originates from the Emmental Valley in Switzerland.  Swiss Cheese is considered Switzerland's oldest and most prestigious cheese that originated in 1293. Traditionally, Swiss cheese has "eyes" or holes in the cheese that make it easy to identify as a Swiss cheese. Our Swiss cheese is a Baby Swiss with mild sharpness and soft flavor. This cheese will be a great addition to your charcuterie board or favorite recipe.

Good Neighbor's Gouda

Gouda is pronounced "How-da" and originates from the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. Gouda is a semi-hard cheese and does not require a long time for aging to achieve the delicious flavor. Our Gouda is very smooth with a nutty & buttery flavor! Easy to melt in your favorite dish, or to pair with your favorite wine. 

Homegrown Havarti

Havarti Cheese- a semisoft cheese that originates from Copenhagen, Denmark. Hanne Nielsen is the creator of Havarti cheese from the 19th century. Havarti is a rindless cheese and has "eyes", or holes, throughout the cheese from aging. Eden Valley's rich & creamy Homegrown Havarti is bursting with flavor. This cheese compliment a wide variety of dishes, beers & wines.

The Farmer in the Dill

Eden Valley Creamery's original Havarti cheese with the aromatic flavor of dill! With its subtle and savory finish, this cheese is sure to leave you longing for more!

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