The Recipe to Starting a Creamery

In 2016, Eden Valley Organic Dairy Farms decided the next big move would be to start a cheese company! The owners operate the farm using the best farming practices and they are averaging over sixty-four pounds of milk per cow on the organic farm, and they experience very few issues on the farm.

There is not a cut and paste recipe for starting any business, and the same rule is definitely true for starting a creamery. Dairy Farmers are starting to diversify their business and reach into the niche market of producing local products that appeal to you, the consumer. Eden Valley Organic Dairy Farms is striving to make a high quality cheese that will be sold in the Buffalo and surrounding area. To start the operation, the partners (who you will be able to meet in a later blog) wanted to build a cheese plant, and be able to produce about thirty percent of their milk into cheese. However, after thought and deliberation they found that the best path for starting a company is to start out small and to grow as the market grows. The reason for starting smaller is truly to save on the ingredients used. When you find a recipe and try it out for the first time it very seldom turns out the exact way you want it to, well the same thing goes for producing cheese and testing different types and flavors. The beginning of the business will serve as a research time to add different flavors to our cheese, and to listen to your ideas on what flavors of cheese you would like to try. We are very excited for this adventure, and we are few months away from the exciting adventure of producing the cheese. We wan't YOU to be apart of every step along the way. and truly understand how Eden Valley Creamery is being started!

Our cheese-maker is taking classes at Cornell University to become a certified cheese-maker, and has been working very closely with the inspector from New York State Agriculture and Markets. We want to ensure that we are going through the entire process in the most efficient and effective way possible. The plant will be built in South Dayton, New York, and the cheese will be marketed and sold in the Buffalo and surrounding area as well as in our own retail store off the plant. You will even be able to watch the cheese making process through the window of the retail store! We are so excited for this next venture, and we are excited to hear your ideas and thoughts on the business and cheese!

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