Eden Valley Creamery in the Making

These past couple of months have been crazy, to say the least, but each step has been a new obstacle to get to the finish line! The creamery is under construction currently, and we cannot wait to be making our very own cheese. We still have a ways to go on the construction, but we wanted to give an update on how the progress has been.

The first step was creating a great foundation! We trucked in gravel to create the foundation for the plant. We wanted to raise the building up so that we had no issues with drains later on in the project. As the gravel was being hauled in it was distributed around and evened out, and then the gravel was rolled to compact the gravel. A heavy rain helped the dirt to truly settle into place.

Once the foundation was perfect the building structure began. Holy cow the building went up fast! In less than four days the shell of the building was constructed!

First, we had to drill holes into the foundation to put the poles in! I know what you're thinking, why would you rip up the foundation you just got perfectly done? Well thankfully, the foundation was done right so it didn't shift or cause any issues when we were drilling. (Spoiler alert, the foundation gets dug up a lot when constructing a building) After the holes were dug the poles were set in and cement was shoveled in around them to hold them in


After all of the poles were in place the trusses were put up next! Even through the rain and cold the crew moved right along and did an amazing job!

Next we started the plumbing. A lot of digging happened at this step! This is the last step that we just completed. We have nine drains total in the processing plant along with numerous hand sinks and wash sinks. With all of the different pipes and drains running through plant paying attention to the slope of each drain was crucial, as it always is!

Once we finished with the plumbing, we started digging and laying the electrical conduit along with the water conduit. Once the concrete is poured and the water and electrical work is ready to start the conduit is already there. This way all of our work under the foundation is done! No more digging! Next step, Concrete!

Thank you for following along in our progress. We are so excited to be on this journey, and we cannot wait to start making cheese with our very own organic milk! Hopefully, we see you in the creamery store in a short couple of months!

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