Meeting the Owners

Have you ever wondered who is behind the scenes on the farm? We have six hardworking dedicated owners that help make the farm run smoothly and successfully. We want all of you to get to know the owners and how they have had such a positive impact on the farms.

The first partner we are going to introduce is Ronald Mammoser. The Mammoser Dairy farm was started in 1949 by Norbert and Ethel Mammoser. Ronald Mammoser is one of their sons, and he grew up working and helping on the dairy farm. While he was growing up, the family also grew vegetables such as sweet corn. Ron would help harvest the corn by hand to sell at the market. Growing up his favorite job was working with the dairy cattle. In high school, Ron was very involved with the Future Farmers of America Organization. This organization was founded to help youth learn and be involved with agriculture. The organization helps youth to learn leadership and communication skills to help them in the future. Ron is the Herds manager and oversees all of the cows. He is very patient and knowledgeable about the cows, and has helped to ensure success of continuing to grow the business.

In Ron's free time he loves to go fishing, boating, and swimming. His favorite dairy product is Upstate Intense Chocolate Milk! He has this drink almost every single day after he finishes milking cows. This drink is a great way for him to refuel and get ready for the next task of the day! Ron strives everyday to have cow comfort in all aspects of the farm and to treat each cow humanely. He leads by example ensuring that every employee achieves excellent animal husbandry. One of his favorite parts of his job is moving the cows around on pasture and being able to watch them graze in the field and look out at the scenery. The cows get so excited on pasture and love to kick their hooves up and run through the new pasture. Ron excels at making each employee feel apart of his family, and he takes the time to include them in family dinners, fishing trips, teaching swimming and snorkeling lessons in his pond and boating excursions (once all of the farm work is done of course).

As he is working toward retirement Ron states, "I have named myself a goodwill ambassador in charge of recreation, giving moral support and in developing teamwork between the employees"

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