Meeting the Owners

The fourth owner to meet is Gerald

Mammoser. Jerry is the oldest of the four Mammoser brother.

Growing up Jerry helped on the dairy and vegetable farm. The family used to grow and sell vegetables at the farmers markets. Today, although the farm does not grow vegetables for market, Jerry grows and harvest his own sweet corn to share with the employees!

Jerry became a partner of the farm in 1979 to join his father in running the operation. Jerry has been a huge asset to the farms growth and progression throughout the years. Jerry excels as a business manager as he is constantly being proactive to prevent any problems, and of course making sure that any problems get solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jerry not only has given majority of his time to the farm, but he has also been able to volunteer his time in the dairy and agricultural industry on many different levels. Jerry was a delegate for three terms for Upstate Niagara Milk Cooperative and he also served as a director for the cooperative. Upstate Niagara Milk Cooperative is the cooperative where the farm sends all of their milk. Jerry also served on the Erie County Cornell Cooperative Extension board for one term, and he was able to expand the 4-H and agriculture education and experiences in the county. Jerry is actively involved in the Farm Bureau where he has been able to serve and improve agriculture through advocating. Jerry has enjoyed actively learning more and getting involved in organizations in order to give back to the community and the agricultural industry that has done so much for him.

In his spare time Jerry loves being with his family, and supporting his grandchildren in the activities and sports that they are involved in. Jerry's favorite dairy product is ice cream especially in a cone! Pictured above are Jerry and his grandchildren enjoying ice cream together!

Jerry always asks employees, "Are you having fun yet?" Jerry wants to ensure that all employees are happy and enjoying their job because a happy employee is productive employee.

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