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Farm-to-Table Organic Cheese

In a world of mass-produced food systems, experience cheese made naturally, from a source you can trust! Eden Valley Creamery crafts cheese from simple ingredients- our own Organic milk, natural cultures, salt, and organic spices.

Our Cheese Collections

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Farm Fresh Cheese Curds

Simple, fresh, and flavorful cheese curds- we offer a line of 7 delicious cheese curd varieties. Best enjoyed fresh, our curds are made on a weekly basis and sent out to stores within 1-2 days.


Delicately Aged Cheeses

Offering traditional and well known varieties of aged cheeses and flavored cheese. Including but not limited to cheddar, gouda, swiss, ahavarti


Natural Rind Cheese

This line of cheese is aged naturally on wood boards in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. The result is an artistic unique and flavorful rind full of natural benefits.

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