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About Eden Valley Creamery

Mammoser Farms was established by Norbert and Ethel Mammoser in Eden, NY in the year 1949. This is where the name "Eden Valley" originates. Norbert and Ethel had 4 sons. They each helped with growing vegetables for farmers markets and with the cows and dairy. Jerry, the eldest son, became a partner in 1979 to aide his father in running the expanding operation. The farm has grown significantly since then and includes 4 milking dairies and 6 owners- Jerry, Rick, Ron Mammoser, Conor O'Gorman, Dave Franklin, and Brendan O'Gorman. The dairies are located in Eden, S. Dayton, Sinclairville, and Cassadaga NY.

The idea of a creamery was born long before EVC officially opened it's doors in 2019, but finding the proper location, skilled cheesemakers, and product marketers took many years. Today our creamery is located in South Dayton NY where we can source our high quality milk, fresh each day, from less than a mile down the road. 



Eden Valley Creamery's mission is to deliver high quality, artisan cheese from our 100% Certified Organic milk.


Our vision is to be a true farm-to-table business. We want to give our customers the opportunity to know the face behind the food they put on their plate, and know that this product was made with integrity. All of our products are made from the freshest whole milk straight from our herd, gently pasteurized, and only simple ingredients are added. We strive to provide the highest class of herd comfort and care, treat our employees as if they are our own family, properly care for the land and produce high quality crops, and love our community!

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Why Organic

USDA Certified Organic means:

  • The cows receive no antibiotic treatment or artificial hormones

  • No pesticides or herbicides are used on our crops or fields

  • Our ladies are pastured during the summer months, grazing provides a numerous amount of benefit to cattle and land

  • All of our recipes, labels, and practices are reviewed and approved by PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic) to ensure USDA compliance


All of these practices are aimed to reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce erosion, and increase soil fertility. Farming without the use of pesticides creates a better environment for the surrounding animals and community. 

The benefit: Organic milk and dairy products are richer in omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a variety of health benefits!

Click below to learn more about why choosing organic is so important!

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