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Orders placed Wednesday or later will be shipped Monday morning.

Note: We are working hard to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner, and as safely as possible. Due to volatility in shipping, we have increased our options so you may choose the shipping method best suited to your needs. Please know we pack every order with care. Reach out with any questions with your order!

Tom- a Tomme Style natural rind cheese. Once a beloved cheese at Reverie Creamery in Mayville NY, Tom is back available and produced by Eden Valley Creamery. Tom is an American Cheese Society Winner in 2019  and Gold Medal Winner of NYS Fair Best Farmstead Artisan Hard Cheese in 2016.  Gently vat pasteurized and aged 3-4 months, Tom is a young cheese with fruity notes. Each wedge is cut and packaged with care by hand and may vary by size.


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