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Organic, Handcrafted, Artisan Cheese


Welcome To Eden Valley Creamery's Online Store!

Orders placed Wednesday or later will be shipped the following week.  All orders are shipped in insulated liners with ice packs to ensure product remains cold. Please know we hand cut and hand pack every order with care. Reach out with any questions with your order!

Pre-Ordered EVC Cheese Trays

Order to be Picked Up at the Creamery

(tax not included) 

"I like Cheese" Tray- $25

8"x11" tray

1/2 lb aged cheese

1lb cheese curds


"I Love Cheese" Tray- $45

12"x12" tray

1lb aged cheese

1lb cheese curds

Battistoni meats


Other Custom Events

Wedding, showers, gatherings or more...

Get in touch for a custom order!

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Call Us at (716)481-1634

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